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The Empire Brewing Society

We find your lack of IE beer disturbing.  Join us and complete your training. 

Search through our expanding list of Inland Empire breweries and find information on everything from home brewing to upcoming events.


Stone Church Brewing

Do you know what you get when you take a retired Army Colonel, two...

I & I Brewing

5135 Edison Avenue Suite 1 Chino, CA 91710(909) 591-3915 Highlighted Craft Beer Pekoe...

Coachella Valley Brewing Company

Perfect. Clean. Simple on the surface but wildly complex. These are the things that...
Euryale beer in glasses

Euryale Brewing Company

Named after one of the three gorgon sisters of ancient Greek mythology, Euryale Brewing...

Best Fall Beers 2019

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest This beer is enjoyable on its own merits.  It tastes like...

Inland Wharf Brewing Co

Get up from your computer, or put away your cellphone, and go directly to...

Claremont Craft Ales

1420 N Claremont Blvd #204cClaremont, CA 91711(909) 625-5350 Highlighted Craft Beer Willow Blonde...

8 Bit Brewing Company

Brothers Chris and Jeff Keyson partnered up 2 years ago to open the fun...
Four Brewers Featuring Hanger 24 American Light4m24s

The Inland Empire itself is full of hard working people who strive for excellence without asking for recognition and the brewers in the IE are no exception. It is our job as hard working locals of the Empire Brewing Society to support them.

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