3 Iron Brewing Company logoThis family run brewery is golf themed but for an entirely unique reason. The first best batch of Irish Red the brewery produced was stirred by a sterilized golf club, and since that time it has become a tradition.

Let the golf puns begin!

Wedged in between other cities of the Inland Empire in Colton California, the 3 Iron Brewing Company produces a healthy score card of microbrewed craft beer including a Saison Du Demon or “Ginger Saison” and Hackers Honey Wheat for those with a more sensitive swing. Their Eagle IPA and Pineapple Orange Wedge is worth a try as well.

Bring your checklist because there is no way you’ll be able to make it past the back nine in one play through.


898 South Vía Lata
Suite A
Colton, CA, 92324


Handcrafted Beer Examples

Irish Red, Eagle IPA, Ginger Saison

On Tap

Breweries Colton Inland Empire

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