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An Overview Of The Brewing Culture

There is a specific culture of people that really like to focus on brewing beer. This can be done in many different ways. This is thought to have started as far back as 6000 BC. There is some archaeological evidence that seems to indicate the started in Mesopotamia or Egypt. Once they realized that they...

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The Elements of Craft Beer Culture

Although you have many choices for beer at your local store, this is slowly becoming an unpopular consideration. People that drink beer today are looking for something that is new and novel. They need to experience better flavor, or at least something different, from what large beer production companies are making. There are some companies...

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Best Fall Beers 2019

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest This beer is enjoyable on its own merits.  It tastes like a quintessential fall beer, with substantial malts for chilly days but still a crisp finish that makes it refreshing.  Source: The Takeout Greenport Harbor Brewery Oktoberfest This Oktoberfest will put a smile on anybody’s face. Greenport Harbor Brewery AleSmith Evil Dead...

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Coachella Valley Brewing Company

Perfect. Clean. Simple on the surface but wildly complex. These are the things that mark the Coachella Valley in California as one of the best places in the desert to find yourself. It would make sense that the craft beer brewed there would contain this same mixture of simple process with a rich and complex...

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