Dragon's tale Brewery LogoThe magical and jovial Dragon’s Tale Brewery is the first all women-owned microbrewery in the Inland Empire. It also has the first and only (to date) female Brewmaster in the I.E. The award winning brewery is also the very first brewery in Monclair.

Both their session brews and dark beers are a combination between traditional brewing methods and new innovative brewing techniques blending flavorful ingredients and new twists to old recipes. The Nikkal pale ale was an instant hit among those with softer palates, while the Chai Wit and Evil Knight IPA are perfect examples of old and new methods of brewing. Bring your checklist.

As you can imagine some of the events follow along the Dragon’s Tale line with classic D&D and even chainmail jewelry workshops. It would be an excellent idea to back a set of dice if you feel like an adventure in craft beer tasting and imaginative dungeon crawling.


8920 Vernon Ave #122, Montclair, CA 91763
(909) 529-2688


Highlighted Craft Beers

Nikkal (dragon fruit pale ale), Chai Wit (witbier with hints of spiced teat),  Evil Knight IPA

On Tap

Think it’s hard to show up to this great brewery and start playing Pathfinder or 5th Edition D&D? It’s not- so just do it and stuff.

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