Hanger 24 Brewery LogoSomething amazing was born under the canopy of Hanger number 24 near Redlands Airport. Pilot and craft beer genius Ben Cook went from serving his aviation friends his own home crafted beers to what is arguably one of the best examples of the spirit and craftsmanship of the Inland Empire craft beer scene.

After turning down offers from major beer companies Cook has gone on to support his own community as an independent business, distributed the delicious list of H24 craft beers across the country, and supported the IE’s craft beer community as well with partnered brewing projects, and a sponsored annual air show boasts its very own craft beer tour comprised of dozens of local breweries instead of just Hanger 24 alone. Check out Airfest

Hanger 24’s new American Light Lager is a light crisp thumbs up to the old age tradition of craft brewing some beer companies have forgotten how to do with class.  Read More

The Main Brewery and Tasting room is still in Hanger number 24- and visiting should be on the bucket list of every craft brew fanatic in the country. A second tasting room is nestled in Lake Havasu City in Arizona.


1710 Sessums Dr, Redlands, CA 92374

(909) 242-8111


Highlighet Craft Beers

Orange Wheat, Betty IPA, Chocolate Bomber Porter, American Light Lager

On Tap

Redlands Main Brewery & Tap Rom

Lake Havasu City Location:

Breweries Inland Empire Redlands

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