Get up from your computer, or put away your cellphone, and go directly to the Inland Wharf Brewing Company in Murrieta right now. No, really. We’ll wait.

This veteran owned craft brewery in Murrieta has won numerous awards in L.A. and San Diego international competitions, against breweries from around the world. The brewery has a long track record of great service to the Inland Empire community and the world class craft beer, with a focus on cask conditioned ales, definitely deserves the international attention and praise it has received.

The brewery states its mission pretty clearly.

“Our Passion for the Perfect Pint Runs Deep. Veteran Owned independent brewery with a rotating draft menu, cask-conditioned real ales, patriotic tasting room, and games to keep everyone entertained.”

The keg and cask beers available are brewed clean and simple. Trying the Warrior IPA is a good first sip while the award winning Barley’s Revenge BRLWN-1 (when available) will knock your socks off, and leave you wanting more. The brewery has a crisp, clean, slightly citrus, pale ale called Murrieta Pride PA-1, and this brewer is definitely something the community there can be proud of two.

When the IE is finally recognized as the Napa of craft beer in California, it will be breweries like Inland Wharf leading the way.

Side Note: Veterans, Active Duty Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighters are encouraged to follow the events and various things this brewery does for service members and the first responder community. Events


26440 Jefferson Ave suite a, Murrieta, CA 92562
(951) 696-7999

Other Highlighted Craft Beers

West PAC IPAW -1, Stormy Sky PTR-1, Maelstrom CRM-1

Beer List

Meet Commander Robert Henry Durant, retired Navy Veteran, and owner of Inland Wharf Brewing Co

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