Oak Hills Brewing Company logoThe Oak Hills Brewing Company was founded on the idea of classic American craftsmanship. The standard list of craft beers they offer reflects the consistent perfection of traditional brewing techniques used by brewers for hundreds of years. They even have a list of awards to prove it.

The fine traditional list of lagers, pale ales, and ales of their traditional craft beer selections is also accompanied by a list of modern craft beers that reflect the citrus and coffee flavors some people enjoy these days.

If you’re looking for a traditional list of craft beer and a great fun atmosphere of people to enjoy a great time in the desert with you should find yourself going to Oak Hills Brewing on a regular basis and making it a place to visit no matter what side of the mountains of the Inland Empire you come from.


12221 Poplar St #3, Hesperia, CA 9234
(760) 244-8278

Highlighted Craft Beer

Steadfast Kölsch, Augmented Golden Stout, El Hefe Hefeweizen
On Tap

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