Although you have many choices for beer at your local store, this is slowly becoming an unpopular consideration. People that drink beer today are looking for something that is new and novel. They need to experience better flavor, or at least something different, from what large beer production companies are making. There are some companies that produce beer that is absolutely terrible. However, because of their well-known brand name, people continue to purchase what they make. It is this contempt that some people have for what is produced by mega breweries that has led to the craft beer movement.

What Exactly Is Craft Beer?

This type of beer is literally the antithesis of that which you get at your local liquor store or grocery store. It is not made for mass production. Most of these are produced by individuals that felt compelled to make something better. In some cases, they have become very popular. It is also possible to brew your own beer if you want to. In the past, this was somewhat difficult because of limited options. You would have needed a large set up to brew everything. Today, there are literal kits that you can buy to start brewing your own craft beer.

How Is Beer Made?

Beer consists of malted barley, brewers yeast, and some type of grain. Although barley is very popular, there are some that prefer using rice or corn. You also need hops which is available in a number of different varieties. When choosing yeast, which is what allows fermentation to occur, you can also choose from many different strains. Most of the beer that you produce is going to consist of water. There are many that are also very selective about the water that they use. When you have all of these components, you can use a microbrewery or craft brewery system to produce your own at your home.

What is the difference between microbrewery and craft brewery?

In general, these are very similar. They will use the same components to make beer. The main difference is the volume of beer that can be produced by these systems. A microbrewery system can produce a substantial amount of beer whereas a craft brewery system produces far less. Each one has its own set of standards. For example, if you are doing craft brewery brews, you are not going to make more than a couple million gallons a year. With a craft brewery system, traditional malt must be used 50% of the time. This is different from a microbrewery system which may use more wheat, barley, or oats.

Why Is Craft Beer So Enjoyable?

For some people, it is simply the flavor of the beer itself. For others, it is the amount of alcohol that is in the beer. The flavor can be augmented by changing the amount of malt, grain, and yeast that is used. The systems that are available today make it very easy to create very exact types of beer so people can experiment. One reason that craft beer is very popular is that people are consistently coming up with new and innovative flavors. Over time, there have become many popular microbreweries and craft breweries, some of which have motivated people to become addicted to this culture of brewing beer.

What You Can Expect From Craft Beer?

The same expectations can be experienced by those that purchase this beer, or even those that brew it on their own. For example, craft beer will be unfiltered and unpasteurized. Additionally, it is designed to be consumed rapidly which means no chemicals or preservatives are added. Additionally, because they are using real malts, the dimension, texture, and flavor of the beer can radically change. There are many that produce different flavors on a regular basis which is why some people prefer buying craft beer than what is available at the local market. As a general rule, if it is a darker type of craft beer, it should be chilled. However, most of them are at a much higher temperature. This is how you can experience the flavor of each type of craft beer in the best possible way.

Craft beer has really become a phenomenon over the years. New technology has been produced to make even a complete newbie an expert at brewing. The more that you practice, the better your craft beer will become. You may want to consider testing different types of beer to see which ones you would also like to produce. For all of these reasons, this is why so many people enjoy craft beer around the world.


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